About Me

Hi, I'm Anna

I am a mother of two grown sons, a professional communicator, and a mentor and mentee of other women. I treasure the warm and empowering relationships that form between us. When I birthed my second child, I experienced the power of believing my body could do the work. This is the loving gift that, as a certified doula, I give to women.

I am an editor of biology textbooks, so experienced in basic research and simplifying information. I help families find and understand the facts, so women birth their babies as they wish and give them the best possible start in life. I was also a childminder when my children were little, bringing me into hearts of families.

I am gentle and respectful when communicating, but extremely persistent. I understand how to listen constructively, how to offer unbiased support and make alternative suggestions, ultimately leaving responsibility in the hands of parents.

I believe women should be able to make informed decisions about their birthing preferences. When women are listened to, they are more likely to feel respected and satisfied with their birthing experience. As a certified doula in Stirling, I want to give control of birth back to women and families, so children benefit from the most peaceful start in life. Better births allow families to bond and start their lives together in harmony and without trauma.

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Doula certification

I am a certified doula with Red Tent Doula, having attended a 3-day initial course with Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall, followed by a year of self-study. I passed a final assessment interview.

I am also a volunteer birth companion with Amma, a charity that supports vulnerable parents in Glasgow who might otherwise give birth alone. Amma provides 50 hours of inspiring face-to-face training with experts, supplemented with online learning, for delivering trauma-informed and culturally competent care to birthing people with complex needs. I will eventually achieve certification as a trauma-skilled Amma Doula.